SKN-courses (mandatory in Switzerland)

All SKN-courses at any time on request.

Practice lessons will be on privat lesson based – so you and your dog will benefit most. But we'll have contact to other dogs too to see and improve social behaviour of you dog.

Theory lessons will be in small groups up to 4 pax. If you want to have a privat course or with your whole family? No problem!


4 x 1 privat lesson (CHF 150.00 incl. certificate)
Familiy-Package (CHF 500.00 inc. certificate)

The lessons take place in different places, so the dog has to deal with the various environmental stimuli, which is also reflected in everyday life. Finally, we make a 2 hour trip with our dogs, as desired by train, cable car or car (or combinations).


The most important basic education exercises:
  • Come on reputation
  • Going on leash without pulling
  • Sit, Down and stay
  • Positive reinforcement in training: for example: game, feed
  • Use of secondary amplifier in training as for example: Clicker
  • Abort signal
  • Strain and stress in training
  • Detect faults, using body language correctly


2 x 2 hours in small groups (CHF 150.00 incl. certificate & documents)
2 x 2 hours private (CHF 200.00 incl. certificate & documents)
Family-Package (CHF 500.00 incl. certificate & documents)

The lessons take place at my home in a cozy atmosphere. Learning should be fun, so I'm not only comment the documents, but also involve you in the training. From each result also interesting conversations. There is not a must, everyone can contribute what he wants. From the exchange everyone can benefit - even me! Learning is an ongoing process.


  • Ausdrucksverhalten des Hundes
  • Behavior of the dog (normal and problem behaviors)
  • Learning theory
  • Dogs health
  • Breeds
  • Verhaltenskodex
  • Dog and law

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